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How to locate a grave

Founding Family

Jesse Bullock enlarged his family cemetery to accommodate burials from other families, and in 1881 his son-in-law George W. Prosser mapped the five acres into nine sections or “blocks”, each containing as many as 60 family plots, each with spaces for five graves. Prosser and two of his wives, Lucy Bullock Prosser and Dena Bronleewe Prosser, are buried in his family plot.

Photos courtesy of Lake Oswego Library

Other Early Families

Dozens of other early settlers, including the Borlands, Clinefelters, Cooks, Coons, Davidsons, Haines, Headricks, Johnsons, Paulings, Shipleys, Wankers, and Worthingtons, are buried in the cemetery.

Photos courtesy of Lake Oswego Library

City Government

Other notable figures from Lake Oswego city government are among those buried in OPC. These include nine Oswego mayors; Jerome Thomas, Thomas Clinefelter, Durward Fox, Charles Elston, William Beckner, Asa Hess, Albert Hughes, C. Herald Campbell and Alice Shlenker; and five Oswego marshals from the early 1900s; John Haines, Thomas Clinefelter, W.A. Davison, James Headrick, and Charles Mabal.

Linus Pauling

Also interred in the cemetery is Nobel-winner Linus Pauling, who was born in Portland, Oregon in 1901 and died in Big Sur, California in 1994. His and his wife’s ashes were interred when they were moved by the family from Big Sur to the the Pauling plot at OPC in 2005.

Photos courtesy of Lake Oswego Library